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El Matate Restaurant | San Francisco,ca | Authentic Mexican Food

El Matate Restaurant is your source for authentic Mexican food in San Francisco, CA. Here is what makes our restaurant special. We serve the very best Mexican cuisine, we have a super friendly staff, and you can expect to be served traditional family recipes with large portions. Our customers love us for serving delicious burritos and classic sauces. Tasty enchiladas, and flavorful mariscos are also on the menu.
When we say authentic, we are not just mincing words. So just what is authentic Mexican food?  Mexican food has a diverse history that started centuries ago. Original Native Americans started the tradition. The Spaniards that followed introduced new foods and spices, which has finally led up to the many versions in America today. Authentic also refers to foods that have been prepared in Mexico for that past 50 years or more.
That being said, we are well known for serving the tasty foods and spices that one might find in Mexico. We are a family- owned restaurant, and we believe that customer service is “keeping it real” as the old saying goes. Our customers love the restaurant’s vibe. They know that when they spend time with us, they are getting a good feel for Mexico and its traditions.
Our staff is highly efficient and friendly. When you arrive, you will not have to wait long. If you have made a reservation, you will be seated immediately. We invite you to sample all of our menus, and would love for you to try our fish tacos which we have won an award for. They are the best tacos in town.
We invite you to visit us and enjoy the regional art and architecture of a classic Mexican restaurant. Our restaurant also has a modern look, which makes it comfortable for everyone. Visit and become a part of our family.

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